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Hi! My name is Chintan Patel and I’m the guy behind Studieabroad.com. I completed my bachelor’s study in India. I had a dream to go to the USA for further study. I had no Idea on how to start a Student Visa process for further study in the USA. In 2007, I started my student Visa Journey to go for a master’s degree in the US.

Let me start my story on How I started this Journey. First, I started working on exams that are required as a first step in the admission process. I was going for a Master’s degree in Engineering in the USA.  At that time, Most of the Universities were accepting the score from GRE and TOEFL Exams. I spend a heavy amount of time trying to get a good score. 

The next step was researching different universities. This was a very painful step as you have to find a university which is best and also you have to make sure that you can afford the fees of the program at your desired university. 

I was able to apply to 5 different Universities. I got admitted to 3 out of 5 universities. This requires a lot of planning and choosing the right universities. The US is pretty big and choosing the right university with a good location is very important. Now the next big thing for me was to prepare the financial documents. I started working on collecting the financial documents. They mostly look for the liquid asset such as cash but I was also able to show all the non-liquid assets. There is no right figure here; it totally depends on which program you are going and what is the fee for the entire program. 

Finally, I got the visa Interview date. I started preparing for the visa interview. It requires a lot of practice on how to best present your answers to the Visa officer.  I prepared very well and got my visa interview cleared in the first attempt.  

In the entire process, I was mostly alone as there was no one who could give me the right advice and best tools to get through the whole process. My journey has inspired others in my community. Many students are asking me for the same advice, guidance, and support on how they can start the journey for a higher education abroad. 

The best part about all of this is the response I’ve been receiving from people all over the world. This entire process is lengthy as you are putting time and effort to make everything correct in the first place. It also requires a lot of commitment to come up with the finances to pay for the fees and the expenses while studying abroad. 

All of this has driven me to work even harder on the website – to continue updating the information on everything about the student visa and all the ecosystem surrounding including cost of living expenses, transportations cost, health Insurance cost etc. I have spoken many families and their loved ones. The feedback I have received was awesome. I would like to help as many people as possible through my website studieabroad.com. 

I dedicate this website to my family. Wish us luck!!!

Please feel free to contact with me and I will connect with you to explore.

Best of luck to you all! Cheers!


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